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I CAN KICK! [19 Sep 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | bored ]

as some of you know...i started playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Which is intursting, because i said i never would. But a video game is a video game, and its a new one to concur. so im a foot ninja in training, aand train..i...shall..shit fuck n stuff..well thats it..so go back to whatever..PEACE OUT BITHIES!


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...my god [23 Aug 2005|01:19pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

uh...yea, paul, thats good that your happy..but you sound emo..shut up....that is all...

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New log entry..day..july 15 [15 Jul 2005|07:46am]
[ mood | tired ]

note to self, smoked with dad and the miss'ies...and watch pink floyds the wall....not as occured as exspected

end entry..


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random fact [06 Jul 2005|07:18pm]
[ mood | weird ]

individual, one of a kind, rare, not much of......intrusting...so then what do you call a group of "individuals",...stuck up, thats what...i was watching my lady fill out the "survey" for the community for the individual folks, and as well looked at some of the comments for the "re-jected"..and somebody please remove the sticks from there ass'es, before it leaves a splinter. i dont know, i have mentioned those fucks before, and it still pisses me off to this day, plus i saw a comment about hitler that made me confussed, not saying i like hitler, cuz hes a crazy speed head-jew hater, but they wrote " you shouldnt eat meat because hitler does so that would make you a fascist" or something within those lines, but to that i say, well he also wore clothes, so that makes anyone who's not naked a fascist as well...dumbass'es...

anywho, not much new. just thought id share that thought with...myself..so yea,, ive said it and i feel better....NOW BACK TO MY COMFORMATY! YAY!...the bags, OUT!...bitchies..

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i got something to say.... [23 Jun 2005|02:07am]
[ mood | amused ]

.........gotta go, NITE!..

bags...(got cha)

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IMMMMMM BAAAAAACK [18 Jun 2005|05:32am]
[ mood | blah ]

well, its been a long long while, but im back, hurray...a new layout has been done thanks to my lady love, pills_and_smoke, maybe you know her...but yea, not a whole lot has changed..well sorta but same old same old, my school life, none exsistent, they kicked me out for ditching too much, and i say, thanks for making it easyer for me, but fuck you TUSD for being suchs money whores...currupted basterds..."romance" state, never better, my lady moved back down to the tuc and shits good now...i actually have a reason to wake up, BOOBS, allright. everything else....who cares..i sure as andy dont give a fuck..

Well, i realize that i dont have any livejournal "friends" and thats ok... because most of the people i meet here are kind of stiffs and emo..and people let me just say, either lossin up, or stick it up your ass where it belongs, and emo...emos dead, it died and short painless death (got off easy), and im sure some of you (if anyones readin, most likly not, but eh i dont care) but most people must be thinking, but its still around and blah blah blah, thats not the point, the point is, the trend of emo fucks died, the MTV trend has moved on, just like the hair metal, boy bands, and new age hip hop trends, which all made me want to vomit for those basterds, all of them, considering themselves artist, thats an inslut to music lovers like my self. If you agree with what i have said, then good, lets chat sometime, ill make some coffee and we can chit chat about "global economy" (ha ha ha..just joking i hate the eeconomy) but if you disagree, then well, i dont really care because we all have our own opinions, its just a shame you (talking to whoever disagress)feel into the sad MTV trend.

well i guess im done for the day, so till next time chicks n dicks, IT WAS A GIFT!, A GIFT FOR THE FAMILY! peace out..


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Its been soo long.. [21 May 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]


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Oh what chu do to me....no one knows.. [18 Feb 2005|06:39pm]
well..its finally here...the weekend...sweet..today was an normal day to end a week of choas and excitment ( how i wish it would return ), but alas it seems school is getting back to normal retine and what-a-draaag that is..oh well..

today my mother stayed home yet again, so i had to stay in school all day..which was BORING!...but at lunch i couldnt take it, so i decided to take a walk around the hood...i walked for 10 mins and then i ended up at home, and noticed no one was there..so i went on a secert mission,...i ran inside...grabbed my smokes..and ran out in less then 5 mins....oh yea..im the shit......yeea..so i walked around some more..smoked a cig and went back to that one place i work so hard to aviod..and i gotta say, on my in..i couldnt but help and feel how pointless this shit really is..but alas we live in a society where we've become so dependent on the standers of men..and dont pay attention to the person them selves..so its a lose lose situation in my book...you make it is the business world, you end up in some deadend job...work you ass off just so some guy can keep his company up to standerds..and if you ask me, that aint no way to rot...but if you dont play by there rules, and decide you want to do things your way, you end up living on the streets asking for change...so its lose lose and i really dont care for neither paths....im beginning to think the best way of life..is to die young shit...just take that nice long nap...how sweet a long nap would be...( a man can dream)..and i got something else to say as well..im sick of being belittled just because i dont find much "values" in this crazy fucked up world....whether it be my oppinions on religion, school, or life in genereal, it shouldnt matter to anyone else but ME...alright folks..im sick and tired of being told we live in the land of the free, then be told how to live....i just cant help but feel that this isnt the way life was intended to be, but once humans started processing thought...things just went down hill...inventing bullshit objects for both war and luchury..we spend money on crap that we shouldnt be paying so much for, when the money could go to more important uses...but as one voice, no one gives a 2 cents about my words or oppinions..so fuck you guys..i dont need your pitty and/or advice, and you know what..you can shove them for all i care because again, i dont need it...

i guess i have just been thinking too much again, but this time im serious...fuck this non sence we call life....thanks for inviting me, but i think im better off on the other side of the walls...its less bullshit i have to hear......and you can QUOTE it...bitchies..PEACE!

the once sane..
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frankly, you sir..are an asshole.. [17 Feb 2005|04:51pm]
alas as i wait till the weekend yet again, it...is only thursday...son of a bitch...
hello fucks and fuck-ets....bags here...this week has been full of choas...crazyness...and that one thing that is always on my side..bordum...
so yea, the week of valentines day youd expect everyone to be mello, but i tell you wha, its just been one wild week at the santa rita grounds..monday , valentines day ( hallmark hoilday...its for suckers..and fuckers..ha ha) nothing really too wild..it was the most mello day of the week, i met this guy that lived in england...also some freshmen were ruff housein around the table i sit at for 1st lunch, so that was amussing..but yet..sad....then tuesday comes around..and it seemed like an ordanary day, til a cat fight breaks out during 1st lunch...so that was sweet...it wasnt nothing special, just hair pulling and scarthing..with some random wrestling...but it was amussing as well...then...wednesday came around. and let me tell you folks, i looove wednesdays...for some odd reason, every wednesday, something crazy, or un-ordanary happens at school...no reason, just does..but what yesterday had in stored was the best yet...it was again around 1st lunch when this happened, but apparently 2 differnet fights broke out in the same area, dont know who or why...of course people tell me stories, but folks at school got diarea out the month, so you never know, but it was what i like to call, a "mini riot"..so much so, they had to announce asisstance for more faculty to help with the situation...so that was one good time there...im always down for a riot..its just too mad they dont put all that rowdyness towards a better cause, like my riot/protest idea to stick it to TUSD..but noooo, no one ever cares about the stuff that matters...damn humans..oh well....today...was boring though...nothing exciting..nothing un-ordanary..NOTHIN...i guess you cant always have your cake and eat it too....

well thats been my story..so till next time.."maybe someday i will see, but for now..fuck society!"....PEACE bitchies..

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...i still dont get it... [15 Feb 2005|02:21pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

well, its tuesday and i am tired both mentally and physically....for some reason my body achs, my head has been having random head achs and i havent had a good days sleep in 3 days...something inside my head broke i guess because i have no clue whats wrong with me these days...dont have time to worry bout the bags, gotta make sure im up to "standerds" for the humans both at home and school, and i dont think im doing a good job at that...so im just waiting for something to change now, because im too lazy and un-modavated to do so myself...so to my wisers and rulers...fuck you guys...take this job and shove it...... (ill be back tomorrow, so dont throw my stuff out)...oh, how i would love to do that..just tell everyone fuck off and go on my way to..where im going...but alas i cannot for i have a future to keep up too and people to live for...so this is the rut i get myself into i guess....i dont know..i think im lossing my mind...and i wish it would come back, cuz i kind of need that...i think..so ive been told....yeeea..well thats all for this crazy mind...so till next time......ahh..i dont care about till next time....itll just be the same thing ANYWYAS........damnit...

bags..i think

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i did stuff today..yay.. [13 Feb 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | i need a cig damnit ]

well, its sunday, and instead of the usual nothingness i do when sundays come around..i got out and did stuff....first..i got my hairs cut...which my head feels weird now...and it was weird getting it cut, because on my left side was a small person (medget) cutting someones hair and on the other side was a gay guy..hair cut places are full of weird people...(also when i was walking out i almost lost my balence)...then, i went to the store with the moms..and i got somemore of the T-Shirt Transfer Paper...(SCORE!)..so that was pretty bitchin..AND THEN..we went to hollywood videos cuz i wanted to see if they had this game i wanted to rent..and they didnt..they didnt even have the game LAAAAAME..its slow..boring..and everytime im about to finish them off...they tap out?!...what the fuck is that all about...you cant tap out in a fight..thats just non sence..so that was pretty disappointing in my book..

other then that..i have just been playing some GTA 5 and ALSo i played on my drums today, and its been like 2 weeks since i have done that, so that was nice..its a good source of anger managment..and for some odd reason..i have some anger to get out..so yea...works out in the end...this weekend hasnt really been what i thought...on friday i was fuckin excited that it was the weekend because for some stupid reason, i actually thought something was gonna happen..thus, ive been but a fool...i passed out around 9:30 (which is WAY fuckin early for me) on friday, and woke up around 10am saturday...i cleaned my room and then without my humans knowledge, i pulled weeds in the backyard (which really surprised them...so now they cant say i dont do nothing..HA!)..and there were a SHIT load of weeds, so that was a tiring job..but im tryin to earn some extra bucks, so ya just gotta suck up your pain n pride and do it..and gosh darn it, i shure as hell did just that...but now my butt-tocks hurts from all the bending over and whatnot...i should have done some streches before hand..go figure......................( ha ha ha..my head feels weird..)..

anyways, thats pretty much been the straight up story of my oh so intrusting weekend..now i just gotta wait till tomorrow so i can go back to that WONDER-Fucking-ful place i call hell..but they continue to tell me its called school..(LIERS!)...so...yea..bummer....so till next time...." i gotta go see if im awake"..PEACE!..baxxx

love, im gonna use that first misfit design for a shirt im making..so just thought id let you know incase you didnt wanna match the bags...i can make you another one if you please..its up too...love ya fox..

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Shes lives in shadow parts, miles from where i drewl.... [11 Feb 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Gotta give it up for the Misfits...."oh yes..youll see"

How is all the fucks and fuc-ets doin this evening, and also, how are you doing my love, good i hope... well its finally friday, and i am fuckin excited...not because anything is going to happen, but becaus ei get to sleep in tomorrow, because i am fuuuuckin tired..so sweet on that behalf..today, the scholl was having some test, i think for the military or army or something shit like that, where you have to sit in the adatorium for 3 hours and they tell you what job you best suited for int he army ive based on your scores...so i didnt feel like dealin with all that non sence, so i just stayed home till it was over, then went t..my one class..i dont know...school...i dont get it...

today, i meet some chap who used to live i england, then moved to cali, and nows lays here in 2-stoned AZ...pretty cool cat, its intrusting to hear stories about places youll never go...in my opinion..but inther way, i actually meet someone today that didnt bug me, so i thought that was pretty cool...rarly does that happen...

well, im out of things to talk about, and im pretty tired and hear my bed and tv calling me..so till next time..."Teenagers from Mars, and We Dont Care!"....Later days....


Love, when we go out, where sohuld we go to eat..its been a while since i have actually gone out to eat..dont trust it.. (dont ask)..and if you also wanted we could go see that new kung-fu moive that came out instead and just get lunch afterwerds....its your choice..either wya is fine..just thought is let you know...call whenever..and till then..love ya babe...

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I cant believe that today was a good day....yeeeea [02 Feb 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | es good es good ]

well, its wednesday, and i actually had an alright day..it wasnt nothing ill remember, nor actually a good day, but it didnt suck as bad as usual, (besides lucnh..lunch fuckin sucks..)..but it wasnt a bad day...so in my book, that makes it a good day...right....anywaysss....im taking about shot at this whole school thing...now i still dont agree with it, and some parts, i will not do, but im willing to do enough for me to get the hell outta there..so figures crossed dudes...we'll see what happense..
nothing really else to talk about, so ill just kepe it short..so till time..peace easy..BAGz

and i got good news for people who enjoy bad news..they're just pancakes..we dont have to worship them....tell your friends!

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I can get what ever i want... [29 Jan 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

...if i want olives, then ill GET olives, if i want PINapples, then ill get Piiinapples...."Yea, but you got all peperoni!?"...(silent pause)...I fear change...

hello fucks n chicks..whats happenen..it is 8:13 right now, saturday night, and i..am still grounded...its not so bad though..being grounded to me, is pretty much how i spend my days anyways...doing nothing at home...but i cant leave..thats the only part about grounding that feels like...well..being grounded....ive said ground too much..moving on.....the past week was quite the du-ze...went to school monday...got in trouble for ditching (because my counclour rated me out..it happense)...then on tuesday i stayed home because i wasnt feeling good..which was awsome..got to sleep in..take some meds and get all druged up..such fun i had indeed..........i dont have to f***ing impress you!....i also stayed home on wednesday, but went thursday...which was some assembly for the students who actualy did all their work and busted their asses to be considered..acceptable..sad if you ask me..then comes friday when i had a apointment with the counc. but again, i awoke feelin like shit, so i got to stay home again...but from what i understand..the school was a voilent riot with fights arugments and swear words of all sorts...what luck, the week i dont really go, is the week of exciment...oh well....fuck it...maybe next week...till then..doooo not enter in there, fooor I had TACO BELL FOR LUNCH!!!!

well, thats pretty much my week..thought id fill you in on my, oh so intrusting life, on a count of its been a while...not really in the talkative mod (typing, whatever?!) latly, but eh....what can ya do...well, im out..PEACEz....dimebag...bitchies..

love...how you doin my dear misfit fox...hope you got some sleep since last time we've talked..you sounded like you could go for a day or two.....right..well..love ya babe..and good luck on keeping your sanity...ill be joining you on the crazy train...WOO WOO....chug-ga-chug-ga-chug-ga-chug-ga......bless you...

....my dad just threw jerky at me....ha ha ha ha ha...its peppered....

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just when i think im out...they PULL me back in... [21 Jan 2005|06:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well, yesterday, late night, my school councilor thought shed give my mother a call and tell her, your son has missed alot of classes...so after all my hard work of trying not to get caught..she fucks me over...so now my mom knows i have been missing a few classes and she freaks out, yellin, blah blah blah...the usual...so i decided maybe tomorrow (today) i should go all day..next day, i wake up, my mom is still a little pissed, but i could care less...she bugs me too much when shes pissed for me to wanna care...i just leave her alone...so i get dressed...go to school and about 10 minutes before my 2nd period is over, some weird lookin ge-ser goes up to my teacher and asks, "is tyler....haw-thorn-white here?"...(the thing that beats me, is where are people getting that w from..is HAY..not haw...fuckers..anyways) so she points to me, and he just looks at me and walks away..so i stoped him and asked, whatd you need me for..he tells me hes checking up on me and that "they" (whomever "they" be) are worried about me..and walks away.....so whoever they is..pissed me off with there little scout looking for me..and heres the funny part about this...later on during 4th period i walk into my math class..and the teacher doesnt even remember who i am.. (shes kind of dumb though..so eh) so we look at her chart..and im not even on her list anymore..she dropped me after the 10th day..so now i have no 4th period...so i walk home to try and get some smokes because i was pissed at this point...and my sister tells me my pops was looking for me, because apparently, i "missed" my 1st period....and that confussed me, because i went to my first class, and she said he sounded all pissed saynig shit like he better not get me sent to jail, which is out of the ball park, because he cant go to jail for that, im 16 now, but as im confussed i go back to school, and figured out the situation...when my mom talked to my councilor, and they must have worked some bullshit about getting someone to check on me randomly, which pissed me off somemore..and then i relized that my personal stalker made a fuck up and thought i had a first period..which i dont, she he tells my dad im not in class, and my dad gets pissed...so if anyone still dis-agrees with me on the fact of fuck santa rita and the people who work there..then you need your head checked...its BULLSHIT...they are backing me into a cornor..and i dont liked being cornored..so we'll see how this...situation, un-folds...alls i know is, i hate lossing...

so, thats how my day went...nothing else really..just more bullshit and shur bordum...so till next time, "the lifestyle of rebilion...aint easy"...PEACEzz!


(fox, you just stay away from those emo kids now...love ya)

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Did i mention i saw a goat?... [19 Jan 2005|07:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

today, school had an "assembly" for all the jr's (included the ones who arnt juniors yet, like myself and others) for a reason, none other then the dredfull aims testing...apparently we arnt doing soo good in math, so what the govnr. and TUSD decided to do was, spend over $1,000 of tax payers money...on a "tutour...class"...it goes down on saturdays...some may be thinking, "hey that doesnt sound too bad?!"...well let me tell you a little something about the santa rita folks...if it doesnt involve partying, no way in hell would most go to some bullshit class on saturday..they just dont like to do stuff like that...myself, im not going, but for reasons like, its a dumb idea..to waste all the tax payers money on some bullshit that the kids could get done for free if they really wanted too..and i told that to one of my inside people in the office..me and her are tight..shes the only one that doesnt piss me off..anyways, some guy tried making it sound like it was a gift from god, he told us, "with how much money the tax payers "donated" for this "program", each student is getting a $200's worth of turtouring..(heres my favorite part)...for free"...so now im a little confussed, a 200 dallors worth of tutouring, thanks to the tax payers, for free......ok....if you ask me, its all a bunch of bullshit to add on to more bullshit that they surve us just so we will pass that fuckin test...so take your test and shove, because its shit..straight hot steamin pile of horse doo...(spits).....that is all

yea..thats all i had to say, so till next time...dos means two in spanish...PEACE!


p to the iz-s....love..ive been working on some new...tricks...just lettin you know...also...how do you saw leperd in japanese?..if you know..love ya foxxx

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Once you grab the stone from my han...(snach!)....i wasnt ready yet... [18 Jan 2005|09:10pm]
[ mood | just turn off the lights... ]

hello chicks n jerks...its been a while...today, is tuesday..not MONday...so they tell me...(im on to them..and their music box)...yesterday we had off due to MLK jr day..and i will say not only is he a good man for stickin it to the raciest folks..but because of him, we get a day off...so, MLK jr..your ok im my book..

nothing really intrusting today..just school..and bordum...yesterday on the other hand was a good day..sorta..it didnt suck..so meh...ok....for mlk day we (me, brandon, goose, ryan, his lady stephanie, and james) had a "great grill of 2005"...we had a grill on friday as well because no one went to school...no one planed it..we just all had the same idea, but the grill..was excilent...grilled some burgers, chicken and some hot dogs...tell you what, i was sure full by the end of the day...after the grill we just played some GTA 5, 2 players, because i finally got another controller for my 2nd love (PS2) because my ps1 controller wasnt working for..some....games....anyways...after a while of that, it was back to just hanging around till later on in the day when i was hanging out on my pourch talkin to the goose man, when james comes up to me, asking if i wanted a drum set for 30 bucks...after a while of thinkin and talking to the pops..i ended up buying the drums..so..i now got a drum set..and yea...its a good object to own for the bonus of music and the fact you can beat the shit out of them...and its ok to do so..so yea...i only know one song so far..but its only day 2 so we'll see how it goes...if i get bored of them, i got a friend who said he'd buy them if i get rid of them..so i was just gonna sell him them for 50 if that happense and make a $20 profit (its still a good deal, everyone wims..but mostly me..and i always gotta look out for numero uno)...then with the money buy some smokes..because im out again...dag nabit...

other then all that its just been a boring and ordanary weekish...thing...i will say one thing though...love...i miss ya like crazy...if you were here right now..id rip your cloths off...throw ya on my bed..put in some DK (for special occasions)..and open my bag of tricks cuz babe..you are stuck in my mind...and it sucks because your the only thing i really want right now..and your the only thing i cant have..and that just isnt fly...kinda upsets me sometimes...fate and its twisted ways that is...yea..well thats it folks..so till next time, what never lies?....evadence grusom....evadence...CSI kicks asss, and i mean the vegas, not no Miami, or..whatever other one was.........fuckers

PEACE out, BAGzzz
and to my lady love queer fox...love ya babe...

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id rather run then, do your math...good day madam! [12 Jan 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

uh yea..so its wednesday..and..i feel.....good...its weird. its like an old part of me woke up and it feels.. good...i got sick of being the generally nice guy trying to help folks with their problems and what not... so no more mister nice guy chicks n jerks...im back..and i intend on staying for a while..so GOT USED TO IT ha ha ha ha....

in other news...a fire broke out earlyer today....in my pants..no..not really..its been a boring day really....but it was earlyer out so that kicked ass...less school is always good in my book..and i got some work done today as well..in ceramics, i did todays work..nothing new, but i also did todays work in science and buisness tech..nothing really else to do..so why not... after school i did nothin...hung out over at a friends house..then came home..played GTA 5 till ryans lady called and then we went out and met up with her..that was..boring..for me at least..i just wanted to get out of this house for a change...get some fresh air and exercise.....and exercise i did...a long walk man..too long if you ask me..but whatever..my legs got a good work out for a change...so take that people of whom call me lazy....yes..theres people

yea, not really much to talk about, but i gotta say one thing....when the fuck did 5,6,7,8's become so popular?!...they are on like 3 differnet chemercials..its out of control..and they only play that one song "woo-hoo" on the kill bill sound track..they have cooler songs ya corporate basterds, so PICK UP THE CD will ya?!..anyways..thats it for this guy, so till next time....why dont you go play hide and go fuck yourself huh?!

bags, PEACE!

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i do a good deed, and what do i get...nothin.. [08 Jan 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

its monday..that sucks..school..it sucked...life is boring and typical...what can i say...not much excitment these days...i dont really have anything to say..so..tell next time..no more favors till my demands are met...damn it..


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dead leaves on the dirty ground, and i know when your not around.. [08 Jan 2005|06:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]

well its saturday, and like always...i...am bored...last night i hung out with noah and ryan and some other "peeps" and did nothing....we sat around..drank some brew and listened to music....around 11:30 we all went to walmart so they could get some paint...which was funny because...well..because drunkness and shopping is funny to me...while we were looking at the cans some lady asked what we needed it for...ryan replied, "i am a airisaw artist" (which means tagger in "fancy" form) so i couldnt help but laugh at that...funny thing is, she didnt care, she actually gave us some tips on what cans work better on walls....so that was intrusting....then when we were paying for it the lady at the counter even mentioned something about the cans saying, "i dont care what you do with them, as long as your old enough to buy them" which was hint saying that she knew about the tagging..but fuck it...so..to the 2 ladies at walmart last night...right on...keep on......keepin
but yea...this week actually went by pretty fast and i couldnt have been more greatful...it has been a shitty week...full of bordum..."education"..and bullshit..for me anyways..for school, like i said before im gonna stick to Santa Rita (mostly because i hate doing all that work of moving to another school....too lazy) but, things seem to be the same bullshit there was last semesiter, and the thing about that is they know they fucked up...2 reasons of why they fucked up are,

1) No Child Gets Left Behind plain....what a load of crap that is...the plain is to help further educate the students, help us..."learn"....when really the whole hep of shit is based on how low the test scores have been...China is kicking our ass and we cant have that now can we georgey,...lets just say we arnt up to satisfaction....and this makes our masters un-pleased, so we all must be worked on harder and bent more rules apon our sad sad little school lifes...a shame really because the whole plain back fired and now they relize it, but have yet to do anything about it...so whenever your ready georgey and janette...lets see some progress

B), this one is only based on TUSD.....now, we all know that in high school, some people just dont seem to fit in to the whole.."controlled" type of lifestyle..working class whores in other words, and due to that fact, we have what is called, "ditching"..now i, myself, do this little thing called, "ditching" about everyday i can...and i wont hesitate to leave, i mean you turn your back on me for 2 seconds and im out of there...but this whole, "ditching" thing has been up-raising with-in the students and the school board is getting tired of it, because how can you get paid if the students arnt there right?!, so what they have planted with-in the evil hell-nation of a place, is a little thing called the "tardy station"...this brilliant device is for the kids who are caught outside of class after the bell rings...and they're aint no ifs, ands or buts bout it...you get caught outside of class, you get takin to the "tardy station" and you get what they call a card, but its really a sheet of paper saying, "you may now let this student back in class"...after about 5 of those you arnt aloud back into class untill you have a teacher parent conference...this rule not only has pissed off 90% of schools population, including teachers, but has wasted very vailuble time for both the students and teachers....plus now we have to wear these gay school I.Ds or else we arnt aloud in class, and in the case of lossing or "lossing" them, we have to pay them 5 bucks to get a new one...and ill tell you what, they are making bank off of this, but yet i have still yet to see any imporvment around school...so with that all said i have to thank TUSD.....thank you, you no good sons a bitchies for making our school the ginnie pigs for your new bullshit rules....THANK YOU!!!!....(just pull the trigger...)

...yep...in case you couldnt tell, i have a big problem with how shit is run these days for high school, and i would go out and fight it, but like anyone in the TUSD offices would listen to some young mind, with new ideas...because we dont know whats best for us apparently, so i just let them play their games...but i dont take no shit from them....lets just say, we have a compromise...mostly with the assistant principal...me and her are cool like that..but our principal on the other hand..what a card that basterd is...either he is trying to hard to keep the school coloredly balanced, or he just hates white people...which is weird....because, he is white...so far all the teachers and monitors he has hired have been black. now im no raciest and feel everyone should be threated equal, (thats why i hate everybody the same..)but thats bullshit...not because they are black, but because my new science teacher is from like africa and i cant understand a FUCKING thing the guy says to me..tells me to take out a sheet of paper, and i hear, Take out your shit and paper....i dont know..foreign teachers never made sence to me, and the monitors he hired, ones a raciest little black lady who keeps calling the gang, crackers..and thinks just because she used to go to santa rita, she knows all the little secerts and whatnot, but shes never caught me, so shes full-a-shit...and the other is a big ass black guy named...melven...he seemd alright at first, but hes fucking creepy..walks around with the evil eye and tells people that he wouldnt do drives bys because hed rather shoot them up close....so i dont know what the fuck is going on at Santa Rita anymore..and i dont even think socializing is worth getting up anymore...i dont want any of the ladys there because my minds wrapped around my love, and everyone else...just sucks...so love, i think i might just end up getting my GED because i dont know how much more i can take of the whole high school non sence...but im tryin...oh im tryin...anyways my fingers are tired of typing and i gots ta eat, so till next time chicks n jerks...remember "BRING THE EAGLES DOWN, DEAD BEATS FOR LIFE!"


and to my lady love...miss ya babe..

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